Sock Anniversary

Given that I finished my first-ever pair of socks a year ago today, I’m as surprised as anyone by my new-found love affair. Yet, a passionate affair it is.

Evidence: a half-dozen socks that have left my needles since December’s Canyon Flower Socks.

sock madness2
Clockwise from upper left: Vintage Office Socks, Lichen Socks, Scrappy Solidagos, Painting Primavera, Ribbed Submarines, and Fresh Hickory.

And, my dear friends, I have a few more finished pairs waiting to be blogged. Yep, I’m in deep. And I’m not even going to try to blame this winter. There’s just something so satisfying right now about playing with color and texture on a small canvas — feeds my creativity AND my need for completion.


3 thoughts on “Sock Anniversary

  1. Good question! I’ve found I’m happiest when I’ve got two different pairs on the go at once — when I finish the first sock for pair A, I start a new pair. Then when I finish the first sock for pair B, I cast on the second sock for pair A, which I now want to finish so I can cast on pair C.

    It’s my personal wooly version of Pavlov’s dog since I only own two pairs of 2.5mm small circulars. Plus, I always have two flavors of knitting to pick up depending on my mood — “challenging” (new pair) and comfort (second sock).

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