WIP Wednesday: Cabin Knitting


By the time this post publishes, I should be well on my way to completing one or more of these WIPs. (Thanks, auto-scheduler!) Clockwise from the top: Ombre Cardigan, AfterThought Heel Socks, Swedish Fish Socks, Porthos socks.


And given my tendency to over pack projects for vacations, especially those that are built around lounging, chances are good I’ll return with another WIP to add to the list. Bliss!

WIP Wednesday: Ombre Cardigan


Between the long weekend and this easy-going swath of stockinette, I’m losing track of time…

Just under the Wednesday wire, here is this week’s WIP. I am sailing happily along and reached the bottom stripe last night. My poor socks haven’t left their project bags even once this week. Not much else to say except I’m really loving these yarn colors — together and apart.


WIP Wednesday: Ombre Cardigan


I bought a lovely set of vintage buttons at Yarnover 2013 with no planned project but just because I loved them. Now I finally know what they want to grow up to be: an Ombre Cardigan. This weekend I wound the 4,000 yards of lace weight yarn (yes, you read that right) and created my swatch. Good news, though, is that the yarn is held double. Love how the TFA Aurora and Lucky Penny are combining…



Sock Anniversary


Given that I finished my first-ever pair of socks a year ago today, I’m as surprised as anyone by my new-found love affair. Yet, a passionate affair it is.

Evidence: a half-dozen socks that have left my needles since December’s Canyon Flower Socks.

And, my dear friends, I have a few more finished pairs waiting to be blogged. Yep, I’m in deep. And I’m not even going to try to blame this winter. There’s just something so satisfying right now about playing with color and texture on a small canvas — feeds my creativity AND my need for completion.


FO Parade: If a Nutkin Falls…


Nothing like washing away the taste of an FO Fail with a great pairing of yarn and pattern, is there?

I got this lovely skein at Yarnover last April. My first choice didn’t work so well, but I knew to cut my losses early and frog before the heel flap. Love, love, LOVE how these turned out. The pattern is that perfect combination of interesting knitting but easy to memorize. Also, they’re clearly too big for Izzy, who’s modeling in the photos. Phew, that should keep them safe from sticky fingers.


Pattern: Nutkin by Beth LaPensee
Yarn: Vice Paradigm (If a Tree Falls)

nutkin 2

My current favorite socks. Sure another pair of these is in my future…

FO: Katniss Socks


I wanted to try socks with cables and this seemed the perfect gateway pattern — two simple braids running down the front and back centers. Just the toe of the second sock was left to knit when I packed them for the cabin. I finished them up that first night then blocked them the next day in the sun.

katniss socks 5

Pattern: Katniss Socks by Rose Hiver
Yarn: TFA Blue Label (Spice)

katniss socks1

Izzy (who’s a big Hunger Games fan) came up with the firepit backdrop, which I like even better than the kicked back lake shot we started with.

These were a really fun knit and I’m sure I’ll revisit the pattern sometime soon. Who’d have ever thought at the beginning of 2013 that I’d have four finished sock pairs done by mid-summer?

FO: Maroo Mitts


Not only did our week at the cabin afford me time to knit to my heart’s content, it also gave me a great backdrop to take pics of some FOs. These fingerless mitts were finished and blocked a few weeks before our trip but fell victim to rainy weekends when it came to photography.

mitts 3

Pattern: Maroo Mitts by Ambah O’Brien
Yarn: TFA Blue Label (Olive, Squash, & Olive Truffle)

mitts1These were a fun, easy knit, and I’d like to give a special shout-out to the designer, who offered up the pattern for free on her birthday. May her generosity return to her throughout the year!

The other blessing about the pattern was that it offered the chance to use some of my scraps. I especially love the Squash OOAK with its pinkish hits in the gold. And since I gifted the shawl I knit with it, this way I get to still enjoy the color and touch of cashmere.