Minnesota Books Series

full set home narrow

Books and knitting. Knitting and books. It’s impossible for me to pick the front runner.

reading corner

When I started graduate school, I had the chance to hear Louise Fili speak about her art director years at Pantheon Books. Complete awe. Instant job envy.

block quote_main

If my academic exposure to graphic design had come five years later, maybe that could have been my career path. But this was before the digital revolution, and I had piss-poor fine motor skills. I cut Rubylith like a toddler — a toddler wearing oven mitts.

block quote_bunyan

In creating a blanket series that pays homage to Minnesota books, it wasn’t enough to pick my favorite books by my favorite writers.

block quote_littlehouse

Nope. It had to be my favorite cover for each one of those beloved books.

block quote_runes

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