Friday Finds: The Unexpected Effects of Knitting


As knitters, we know that our time with yarn and needles = relaxation. No need for a study to tell us that. (Come on. Even my pets have deduced that knitting chills me out and improves my mood.) But if the muggles want to study the connection, who am I to object?

Turns out, they discovered something kind of awesome: Knitting can actually change your genes.

Knit on, my friends, in good health and with a clear conscience! And if you’re so inspired, knit a neuron or two.

WIP Wednesday: Vertices Unite


I’ve been monogamously knitting on my WestKnits shawl in hopes of finishing before the TFA KAL deadline (end of the month). Was really worried that I might not make it for awhile there… But I managed to power through the challenging middle sections thanks in no small part to encouragement from Jane. But now I’m on section 5 and not worried about it or section 6. (And trying not to think too hard about the i-cord finish!)



WIP Wednesday: Vertices Unite


Last week I decided I wanted to join in on some KAL fun (#westknitskal and #tfashawls2014) so I cast on a twofer, drawing from stash. Here’s my start on Vertices Unite by Stephen West, using a combination of DK and fingering weight TFA yarn.


Section A, which I’m only about 1/3 done with, combines Iris and Canyon in alternating rows. I added the next two colors that will be up, Lucky Penny and Stone, in the background to help spur me along. So far it’s an easy knit but there are some challenging โ€” or at least new to me โ€” sections coming up. Looking forward to seeing if I can pull them off!

WIP Wednesday: Ombre Cardigan


Between the long weekend and this easy-going swath of stockinette, I’m losing track of time…

Just under the Wednesday wire, here is this week’s WIP. I am sailing happily along and reached the bottom stripe last night. My poor socks haven’t left their project bags even once this week. Not much else to say except I’m really loving these yarn colorsย โ€” together and apart.


Friday Finds: Jewelry Stitch Markers


Now that I’ve been knitting mostly with fingering weight yarn, I’ve found that I don’t have enough stitch markers โ€” well, pretty stitch markers. Besides the lovely set Jane gave me, the only small ones I have are plastic. (Yes, #firstworldproblems.)

I was browsing the jewelry supply aisle at Jo-Ann’s a few weeks back (looking for some replacement wires to fix a few pairs of earrings) when I, excuse the pun, found these lovely silver findings. They’re the perfect size for needles up to at least a US 8 and since they’re completely closed, there’s nothing that snags. Best of all, I got more than 30 of them for under $5.

stitch markers

WIP Wednesday: Porthos Socks


Normally, I’m not a fan of pooling. In fact, I started my Vintage Office Socks three times before I found a combination of stitches/inch and needle size that gave me irregular stripes. This time, though, I’m digging the way the pooling curls around these socks in combination with the pattern’s curvy vertical lines.


Where do you stand on the pooling continuum โ€” love or hate?

FO: Kandinsky Patinas


composition stormWassily Kandinsky has long been my favorite painter. (In fact, I used to have a cat named after him.)

So when I saw that the Art Walk series had created a colorway based on his Composition Storm, I just had to have a skein. Yarn that special deserved a special pattern. No plain vanilla socks, here. I settled on this lacy pattern by Tanis Lavallee.

I’ve gotten over the hurdle of wearing my hand-knit socks. That said, these cashmere lovelies might just hide out in my sock drawer for a few more months…

Pattern: Patina Socks by Tanis Lavallee  Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20, Composition Storm

Pattern: Patina Socks by Tanis Lavallee
Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20, Composition Storm