"S" Is for…Sock!

As you’ll see, I was so happy to have this finished that I stuffed it onto the sock blocker before properly dealing with all the goo from the peeled off price label.


“S” Is Also for Sisyphus

What you don’t see is that this is the hundredth go at knitting my first sock. (OK, it’s actually the ninth. Just felt like the hundredth.) I scrapped the first try about half way down the cuff — couldn’t bear the ladders I was seeing. It was also a little tight. I cast on again with my trusty DPNs… And then ripped back.

I started reading anything and everything I could about how to avoid those tell-tale culprits. Yet, no matter how many times I went back to the ribbing and restarted, I couldn’t get it right. In fact, it got more wrong. Minor ladders became swinging bridges. I feared monkeys on the lookout for jungle vines were soon to be headed my way.

Knitting this sock became personal. In the worst sort of way.

Enter the sanity-saving 9″ HiyaHiya circulars. My fingers were cramped but those ladders were gone. Make that banished! Funny thing is, when I got to the instep shaping I used my DPNs and all was just fine. I couldn’t begin to explain why. Nor did I tempt fate with the foot, returning to the circulars.

With my first sock finished, I slipped it on my foot only to discover a flopping, too-long toe. Sigh. (OK, actually it was much cursing.) So I started and finished the second sock with the correct modification (shown above) and it fits. I feel like Cinderella!

Is “S” for Irony, Too?

The too-big first sock has been frogged and the yarn is now on its way to becoming my second sock. As I was working on it last night, a thought occurred to me:  “S” is also for slipper.

My tenacious Grandma would be so proud. (And this time, yes, I will make the pair.)

2 thoughts on “"S" Is for…Sock!

  1. You've lost your mind. You can buy those already-made at the store, you know. For less money than yarn costs. And you can spend that savings on a good book and some cookies (which is totally my plan, after I finish this d*mned muffler-shaped thing I started).

  2. I have been waiting to see these! Beautiful job. I find that if I start on circulars and then transition to DPNs I don't get ladders…but not the other way around.

    I'll have to check out those Hiyas when the time comes.

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