FO: Minnesota Hood

When I’d made the decision to move back, I went hunting in Ravelry for the appropriate winter headwear. Preferably not a hat. (I’ll save my hat issues for another post.) I wanted something warm that I could wrap around my whole head, but with enough style that I wouldn’t mind being seen in public.

This hooded scarf from Whimsical Little Knits 2 completely charmed me. What’s not to love about those shell details over the ears and on the scarf ends? Then, soon after, I scored this OOAK in a TFA Etsy sale. The perfect pairing of yarn and pattern.


Pattern: Peaks Island Hood by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: TFA Green Label (Turquoise Water)


I won’t lie. The miles of seed stitch got a bit taxing. But I knew they would make the fabric warm — worth it, and so I kept knitting… Then I went button shopping to spur me through the final section. Hooray for 50% off sales! Not sure I otherwise could have justified the button upgrade. Best part, though? I finished it just in time for the latest snowstorm.


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