A New Favorite Color?

Back around second or third grade — after the standard adoration of pink — I picked blue as my favorite color. And loyal I was to all things blue for nearly 15 years. By the time I’d entered my 30s, though, green had overtaken it.

The other day I looked down at my WIPs and realized another change might be underway.


Hello, blue, my dear old friend!

Since this is a knitting blog and patterns matter, the projects are (clockwise from the top): Peaks Island hood, a Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock (my first sock!), and a Fiddlehead Mitten (first mitten!).

I also have two other blue projects waiting in the wings — yes, there’s another turquoise one, but the other is a lovely color named Robins Egg Grey.

I try to hold myself to no more than three active projects at any one time. It’s an arbitrary number for sure, but one that keeps me from feeling like nothing will ever get done. Anyone else have a WIP limit for themselves? If so, what is your magic number?

3 thoughts on “A New Favorite Color?

  1. I am pretty monogamous–I like working on one thing at a time. That being said, there are times when mindless knitting is the most I can handle, and it's helpful to have some options at that point.

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