FO: A Thousand Splendid Moons Cowl

I have Julie of Knitted Bliss to thank (or is it blame?) for my introduction to Tanis Fiber Arts. I’ve long had my eye on the Dove colorway and decided to splurge on this wool-cashmere-silk blend. So when it came time to cast on for the January TFA knitalong, I grabbed this heavenly skein for a little selfish knitting. What better way to kick off the new year?

And now I have my first FO of 2012.


Today was an uncharacteristically overcast day in New Mexico, but I think it helped capture the yarn’s mix of colors with a little less gleam.  There’s something very lunar about this combination of yarn and pattern — not that I could bring myself to include “craters” in the name.


Knitting all those little moons/craters was a challenge… Not because it was a difficult pattern, but because trying to keep my tension consistent was driving me mad. With help from my wise sister, I decided to relax and start honoring the imperfect. All in all, a good practice to start a new year.

3 thoughts on “FO: A Thousand Splendid Moons Cowl

  1. Your work is beautiful; I just copied Deep Peace from Ravelry. Can't wait to get started on it. Now let's see, that will mean I have 3 shawls/scarves on my needles (as well as many, many other projects.)
    Question – do you ever have free projects on your blog? btw – Zen and the Art of Knitting has turned into my philosophy book! Marilyn in Tucson, AZ

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