Why My Holiday Cards Were Late Didn’t Happen (part 1)

Just take a look. Is it any wonder both Izzy and I are completely nuts about my coworker’s dog, Truffles? She’s just the sweetest little thing. And after a night of dog sitting, well … let’s just say Izzy has her first big bout of puppy love.

Having spent the past five winters in Minnesota, I can safely say Albuquerque’s take on the season has yet to surpass a 2.5 on the cold & blustery scale. Not that Truffle’s owner, who’s an LA gal, would agree. You’d think hypothermia were always just a degree away, to hear her talk.

Combine that with all the doggy knitting appearing on Mason-Dixon for little Olive, and you can see where this is headed.

Just what every LA dog needs — a little black dress with pearls (hidden in this shot).

It’s lucky the house got cleaned before the family arrived for Christmas.

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