WIP Wednesday: Just Ducky Chadwick

In a strange turn of events, I think it’s because I love this one so much that it keeps getting pushed to the side. I used the promise of it back in October to tackle a pile of finishing. Then it was set to the side for the rest of my holiday knitting, with full knowledge that it would travel to MN with me and be my reward vacation knitting.

All well and good, or at least I thought so. Then I passed the halfway mark only to discover that I had unintentionally made a “design modification.” See that band of three Chestnut stripes in the sea of Mallard? Those are supposed to be purl ridges.

I don’t know if I had the pattern wrong in my head from the start, or if the stopping and starting caused me to forget that detail. Crazy thing is I even wondered while knitting them, “Hmmm. Why did he start these rows on the opposite side?” Doh.

To frog or not to frog? It was good timing that I had a TFA Knitalong to cast on for in January and reason to set this aside for a good think. At the moment I’m leaning towards embracing my unintentional individuality and carrying on — although I do have moments of wanting to just rip back and do it “right.” But then I wonder how much that’s prompted by my desire to hang onto this WIP just a little bit longer.

So I’m throwing the question out to you. To frog or not to frog? That is today’s question.

Things to do in Denver…

As I said last night in my Facebook status, “That’ll teach me to besmirch Florida!”

Yesterday was, all in all, a bad travel day. The sister and brother-in-law arrived at the Mpls. airport only to find that their plane to Orlando was canceled. They were sent home, having been given an afternoon flight for today. (Terrible weather out East to blame.)

Since we were traveling from the other side of the country, all was well weather wise. (Which, being the extra cautious soul I am, I confirmed online before we headed to the airport.) All was going well — fastest trip through security ever. But then our plane to Denver had a mechanical problem. And we waited. And waited. Talked with some fellow knitters headed home to Chicago via Denver. Put in a Herculean effort at keeping the over-excited kid busy while we waited 3 extra hours to board the plane. By then, all hopes of Orlando on Saturday had been quashed by the gate agent.

Finally we left ABQ and arrived in Denver, where United put us up for the night at a Marriott. No luggage = no swim suit for the kid (and, of course, the hotel has a pool). My little carnivore’s mood improved vastly, though, when she discovered she could use the meal voucher to order a steak sandwich via room service. And, better yet, eat it while watching TV. (No parental judgment please, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do!)


Headed to Orlando today (god willing) but first plane they could get us on leaves at 5:35 tonight. At least they booked us in first class.

On the knitting front, yesterday was also a bust. Started back in on Deep Peace, my first foray into lace knitting. Or should I say, my first foray that wasn’t quickly abandoned? Here’s where it stood when I set it aside for the Ravelympics:

Even though it’s not a complicated pattern, it proved too challenging with continual conversation from my spirited kid. Think I got about 8 rows done before I realized I had lost a stitch in the process. Going to cast on the other project I brought (thankfully in my carry-on) — the Geodesic Cardigan, which is much better suited to multi-tasking. It’s going to be a trying day; no need to handicap my patience!