Life Part 2: Where We’re Headed

By this time next week, we’ll be on the road. Destination? Well, here’s a photographic hint.

Mosquito repellent and a book of dog sweater patterns…. Yep, Minnesota! After 3+ years in Albuquerque, we’re headed home. This time, though, the “little CRV that could” will have three pet carriers. May the travel gods of animal spirits smile (or at least not frown) on us.

It’s been a spring of tough decisions (and, as you may have noticed, miles and miles of comfort garter stitching). Thing is, despite a good job (the one that brought us to NM) and some of the best friends Izzy and I could ever hope to make, we belong in Minnesota. (I’ll spare the laundry list of family/personal reasons.) By April, I knew it was time to say goodbye.

We’re excited, not to mention relieved happy that our well-loved home in Linden Hills awaits us. A nice reminder that sometimes the universe has a good reason for dropping obstacles (bad real estate markets, property management struggles) on our path — and that even without those obstacles, the path is always winding.

In Praise of Constant Companions

Smiles have been in short supply this week, ever since a nasty, never-ending stomach virus took hold. But Lily, bless her sweet kitty soul, has willingly spent those days in some variation of this pose.


Just as the Moderne Log Cabin has been there for me, each evening taking the edge off a week of single motherhood crashing headlong into career. And while much progress has been made, it’s good to know yards of garter stitch comfort remain.


Bronzed Green and Block 8 await…