More than a Mile of Wool

Life is full of surprises. I know this. Yet, that simple fact never ceases to surprise me.

Back in November, it looked like Minnesota was in for a winter of epic proportions. We’d already logged a record subfreezing streak and more than one heavy snowfall. It looked like we were in for the sort of winter that’s, in fact, been playing out in other parts of the U.S. (Apologies to those who are living it.)

In response, I did what any good knitter does: started a project of equally epic proportions. I gathered up a couple thousand yards of beautiful hand-dyed Aran weight wool and set about creating a blanket that would keep me warm during the knitting — and serve as a lesson in perseverance.

Enter the knitting surprise to match the unexpected mild weather. I flew through the 1.57 miles of wool  in half the time I expected. (And, yes, I did the math. I’m crazy that way.) While I’m just now getting around to blogging the blanket, it was done and blocked before the end of January.

Kex6Pattern: Kex Blanket by Stephen West
Yarn: TFA Green Label (Sand, Brick, Tartan & Robin’s Egg Grey)

Kex2Between watching the yarn color changes play out and the rhythmic-but-not-dull pattern, I loved everything about making this blanket. And I love the FO.

Sure, it’s still mid-February and I know that winter is hardly a done deal. (What would Minnesota be without a March blizzard?) But I’m not worried. I have a fantastic queen-sized blanket to pull me through it.