A Few Small Sewing Projects

I’m continuing to dip my toes in the sewing waters…

sewing scraps 2I used my biggest leftover from my quilted pillow to make a sock knitting project bag, modeled after one Izzy gave me a few years ago. Free-formed it — and not surprisingly learned a few things from my mistakes (none of them big enough to warrant a re-do).

I also used this great tutorial from the Very Berry Handmade blog to create a pincushion with some of my smaller scraps. My piecing is far from perfect, but I’m in love with it in every way.

sewing scraps

Quilting Is a Family Affair

Izzy had so much fun with her birthday and Christmas sewing classes at Crafty Planet that I was inspired to return the favor to Auntie Karen. The three of us took a private Freeform Quilting Pillow class for Karen’s birthday. It was a blast.

No surprise, Izzy was a pro and finished her quilted front, made a pieced back, and sewed up three sides of the pillow so she just had to insert a pillow form when we got home.

izzy's pillowKaren finished her quilted front, bought fabric for the back, and finished up her pillow at home that night, too.

karen pillowAnd then there was me… I finished the quilted front and bought backing fabric. But when I got home, I realized that while I love an acid green, I don’t have that color in my bedroom. You’d think I’d remember that.

first pillowSo back I went last weekend to buy some more fabric. Today, I made version 2 at home and the timing was perfect. There’s spring in the air. What better way to celebrate the end of winter than to retire the flannel sheets, put on cotton bedding, and top it off with a new floral pillow?

pillow2BTW, this sewing thing? It could get addictive.

Super Dog, Super Kid

Nine years ago today, Isabel and I flew home together from Guatemala and our adventure officially began. (The photo’s what went out with my announcements, taken about a week after we were back in Maryland. And because this is a knitting blog and someone is bound to ask, yes, I did make the sweater she’s wearing.)

I still feel the way I did on that day, like I won “baby lotto.” Can’t believe the universe brought this funny, sweet, firecracker of a kid to me. And while life as a single mother can be harder than I ever imagined, I wouldn’t trade a single moment. (Yes, even emergency room earache visits and tween tantrums.)

Recently, we were laughing about the small-but-mighty Violet, who has taken to ferociously barking whenever a large truck or semi drives along the road behind our house. One look at her in action, and it’s clear Violet believes she can take down a ton for each of her 11 pounds. From there, Izzy made the leap that Violet needed her own superhero cape, and set about designing and making one with the mini sewing machine she got for Christmas.

Yep, I’ve been blessed with quite the dynamic duo.

Ravelympics Update, Izzy’s FO

And the Gold Medal goes to … Izzy! She started and finished a catnip mouse during the U.S. vs. Canada hockey game. That’s right, during a single Olympic event. (And the crowd goes wild.)

And her mom? Well, she quietly boasts another 2-1/2 blocks (99 garter ridges/198 rows). Meaning the Moderne Log Cabin blanket is now 45 percent finished. Yep, 55 percent left to go.

This sucker (when finished) will keep a small village warm.